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Victoria Inns was established in 2003 with the aim to preserve the traditional public house by giving it a contemporary twist.

The group has expanded throughout the intervening period and with the recent investment in Framptons Café Bar & Kitchen, the estate now totals twelve outlets across the South of England. The Company is constantly engaged in a maintenance and improvement program in order to enable our lessees to boost their trade and to keep attracting new customers. All our sites have recently undergone sparkles to refresh the offer and to maintain a safe and welcoming venue, worthy of a visit, or two.

Victoria Inns is privately owned and controlled and as such, is extremely flexible, always open to new ideas and agile when it comes to decision making. The directors have a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and have worked closely with most of the major players in the market. As mentioned, Victoria Inns has recently invested in the managed house group Framptons Cafe Bar & Kitchen and is assisting in the aggressive expansion of this unique concept to other parts of the South of England. Visit the web site to see details of this exciting new addition to the High Street

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